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Project Description
The Freemwork is an open game framework, written in c# .net, that allows you to create a game without having to recreate the wheel. Any rendering system, sound system can be used with it, on any plateform : in fact, the game logic is totally decoupled from any other part of your code.

The project is actually on its pre-release phase. You can use it for production, but be aware of little bugs. Do not hesitate to send tickets to report a bug, or event suggest a feature.

Projects using The Freemwork
Pulse, from Thomas Nigro (coming soon on Windows Store)

Matthieu "Freeman" Vienot, creator of The Freemwork (twitter : @iLambda2)

Special thanks
Paul Fasola and Valentin Michalak, for convincing me to put the project on the internet, and giving the project its awesome name.

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